Laura Ortiz



 Ortiz in a portrait by Bertozzi (2020)

Laura Ortiz, is born in Argentina (the daughter of a typographer) where she worked as an Educational Psychologist.

In 2007 she moved to Montreal and began exploring drawing and painting and pursued her passion for visual communication by embarking on a degree in graphic design.

In 2016 he began to create her own form of literature and abstract art.

This is how she met and collaborated with the inists Angelo Merante (aka Angelus Novus) and Mark Fisher who introduced her to Bertozzi.

In 2020 she joined the Inism.

The founder of Inismo wrote about her:

«Laura Ortiz, the Pearl of the Three Worlds (born in Argentina, has European ancestors and lives in Canada), has given mystical, mysterious, arcane meanings to her abstract writings (digital inigraphy and iniste photographs). As Inism wants: “The use of new calligraphic, alphabetical, symbolic and alchemic writings (often using the symbols of International phonetics) assumes the value of creation, not of imitation, and of knowledge, not photographable reality. These signs, named «inias» are an orchestration of feelings and thoughts, the multiple and global vision which life gives us “. Her still unpublished messages to me are real “poèmes en prose”».

This true artist has already been chosen to participate in the great inist exhibition commissioned by the “Pescarabruzzo” Foundation which was supposed to be inaugurated on November 14 in Pescara to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Inism, but which was postponed for reasons of Covid. For the same reason, a recent trip to Europe to meet the inists has been postponed.

This is her current program: «I thought I was mix media artist but I discovered that the process of my digital art is an exploration and experimention… I can come out with big canvas».

She now is living in Toronto with her husband and two children.

(Note drawn up on September 13, 2020)